In July 2002, God began a work in Kansas City among a few young men that would require devotion and produce fruit for the Kingdom of God. Three of us gathered one evening at 11pm to pray through the night. Our motives were clear: seeking God together to simply know Him better and honor His name. What we thought was a simple prayer meeting was the inception of Carry The Cross Ministries, although at that time we had no inkling of what God was up to. For the first year and a half following the initial prayer meeting our ministry continued with prayer and grew into bible studies as well as street outreaches which consisted of physically carrying a cross to public places to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. As we carried the cross down streets or stood on street corners we prayed for the city we were in and asked for open doors to share the Gospel. Over the past few years we have traveled to many places to carry the cross including New York City for New Years, Mardi Gras, Washington DC, Super Bowls, Guatemala, and many others. However, for us this ministry is not something we must travel to serve in. For the past two years we have carried the cross regularly in our home cities, which include Kansas City, Lawrence, KS and Los Angeles. God has given us an incredible burden to reach the areas that we are in and we will continue to do weekly outreach in our hometowns.   Until now, our outreach has consisted of carrying the cross, uniting to pray and study the word, and spending time with the homeless on the streets of downtown Kansas City and in Hollywood, CA. Our ministry has now expanded into two new areas of service:


Our prayer is that this service to God, which He initiated, will be continued by Him and completed by Him. No strength that we desire can be gathered from any source other than Him.   If we attempt to do anything outside of His will and apart from His power we will surely fail. We have tried to do things our way, only to fall flat on our face. We are brought back to Luke 1:37 - With men, things are impossible. But with God, all things are possible. We will not only rely on Him, but also strive in every way to become like Him.

Through prayer for a recent mission trip a clear picture came to mind concerning not only the trip but how we could live out each day in service to our Father.   Fire before us, Fire behind us! When a forest is engulfed by fire it is burned down to nothingness, leaving a seemingly barren and charred wasteland that   is useless. However, after a period of time and when the rains have come, new life springs up all about. Out of the blackness sprouts up a magnificent array of colors and life and the forest returns ten-fold what it used to be before the fire.

Our goal is that we would be nothing but humble followers, gathering what He has already planted and watered and helping to lay new seeds on fertile ground so that we may someday see it as the beautiful forest.   In all things His Spirit must go before us, preparing the way; consuming, burning down, making bare; revealing the emptiness of life without Christ and opening up the door for His word and love to be received. We can only see this through devotion to Him and to prayer. And wherever we travel on the path that He leads us, we can only be obedient servants, workers of the land, united for His cause, doing only that which we ought to do: helping to gather the lives that have already been prepared, and spreading a seed that would leave a permanent mark on generations to come, knowing that nothing that we leave behind would be of us because it would simply be blown away as chaff in the wind, left to wither and die, but that HIS mark would be left that would stand for the rest of eternity, tall cedars and strong oaks, able to withstand any and all circumstances.

And finally, that He would go behind us, watering, nurturing, harvesting and again refining with fire so that again the harvest will be ten-fold of the ten-fold.

As prayer was the center of our beginning, it will continue to be the center of everything that we do and we covet any prayers you could offer for us.