The word ministry can be defined as department, bureau, or service. We view what were doing as our service to Christians, non-Christians, and most importantly to our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The ministry we are involved with does not separate us from other Christians, but instead it identifies us as members of the body of Christ. Our mission is the same as the disciples declared in Acts 6:4, But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. When we decided to create a name for the ministry God had given to us, we chose Carry The Cross Ministries and for our mission verse we chose Luke 9:23, If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me. Both of these were selected because they illustrated specifically the ministry we had been given at that time, not only physically carrying the cross to reach the lost but alNow, several years after choosing the name and verse our ministry has drastically changed. We still devote time to carrying the cross, but we are spending more and more time working with the homeless and needy of our areas. As well, we are focusing on investing specifically into individuals with training in the Word of God, outreach, prayer, and servanthood.

Specific Ministries

There are several areas of service that we are involved with, as well as serving in many locations. One ministry is the cross ministry. It includes carrying crosses on streets and busy areas, prayer walking over cities, representing Jesus to people from all walks of life. We exclude no person from our target through this ministry. Rich and poor, young and old. We've encountered persons from all walks of life in this ministry.

The Firehouse Mission: Two four-plexes and three acres strategically located in an urban area or Kansas City Kansas. These buildings are used to provide temporary shelter to those who are homeless or are needing to get back on their feet. Two mission families, The Nelands and The Taussigs, live in these buildings in order to provide mentorship for those families staying with them. Their other goal is to reach their community for Jesus by developing relationships with their neighbors through fellowship, community gardens, events and activities.

Enoch Magazine: Enoch Magazine is a non-profit media movement, which attempts to document the Glory of God in a variety of people and circumstances. Our members and contributors are located in different cities and countries across the world, who have united their talents in film and journalism to honor God. As we use our talents to learn more about The Divine, we are also learning how to serve and love others. Our hope is that the content of Enoch Magazine would inspire people, (regardless of a religious or non-religious background) through honest reality. We also hope to build relationships and meet people face to face , not just hide behind a website. Our desire to inspire and unite people on the streets in service to God and our fellow man, has caused us to live with the homeless on Skid Row Los Angeles, and the Tenderloin San Francisco.

One other ministry is international missions. We have several missionaries who have gone out on missions trips. Some short term, some long term, and some way long term. You can learn how to pray for these missionaries by clicking here.