January 2013 Update

Wow! 2013 is here! Didn’t we just welcome in 2011? So much has happened here at Carry The Cross over the past year we figured it was time for an update. A big step this year came with the union of our family with a family that decided to move back home after four years serving at a homeless outreach in Texas. We were introduced to the Taussig’s by Casey Kapple, Youth Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Overland Park, who has for the past two summers brought an amazing group of kids out to the Firehouse to work on different projects that we’ve had. To make a long story short after meeting, praying and searching the Taussig’s decided to move back and buy the stripped down four-plex next to ours and join us on staff as missionaries at Carry The Cross. Marrying two families of six together is definitely a God sized task. Especially since they moved into our building while they began the rehabilitation process of their building. Tally up 11 kids, 5 adults, 8 chickens, 5 dogs and 2 cats all under one roof and you have quite a reality show in the making!!! It has certainly come with much trial and tribulation but the blessings have been much more overwhelming. Daily we are blessed with watching the miraculous of seeing everything function by and for the kingdom while we are forced to rely on Him for everything has been a truly stretching yet very uplifting experience.

This past year we have made several vital connections with different churches across the metro area that have really helped to open the door for opportunities that seemed so far out of reach. Partnerships with Emmanuel Baptist, Church of The Resurrection, Nall Avenue Baptist, and Westbrooke Church have connected us to spiritual(prayer, guidance and neighborhood evangelism), physical(work days that have produced community gardens, a fire pit and chapel area, and too many building improvements to list), financial(numerous donations for our many needs), and emotional(new friendships have been forged that have been a huge support through this growing process)means that have been direct answers to prayers and continual blessings.

One of our coolest answers to prayer this month came as we were able to finally purchase the plot of land between our two buildings and the plot of land across the street. Our hope for the plot across the street is to turn it into a basketball court/picnic area and the land between the buildings will house a storage facility, community greenhouse and numerous fruit producing plants and trees. ."

Our hope as we grow is to continue doing what we’ve always done. We will seek to save the lost. We will love and serve our neighbors and the families that stay with us in ways that His light truly shatters the darkness. We will provide shelter for those in need and provide an opportunity for people of all types to come together to see just how good God is! We will teach those who desire to grow in their faith and we will provide an avenue for the church to come and be the church, giving opportunities for those who want to live out their faith to the fullest.

If your heart is stirred to partner with us in anyway, please feel free to contact us!