The Firehouse

The Firehouse name stemmed greatly from a time in prayer, when a small child was seen in the corner of a burning building, crying out for help. A man was seen walking, unharmed through the flames. He reached out and lifted the tiny child up into his arms, held her close, wiped her tears, protected her from the flames and carried her out of the fire to safety. We pray that one of our main purposes would be that through a life devoted to worship, service and loving Him that we would all have Jesus' heart for the broken and lost; to be able to at any and all times, be prepared and ready to have the boldness to step into the flames of this world, where others might normally be afraid to go, to reach out loving arms and to help save as many as possible from the fire so that the light of His love will shine into and shatter every and all dark places.

We plan to do this by using this building as a home base for the ministry where a group of us will live in a community type environment that we pray will mirror the church described in the book of Acts. It is right in the middle of several multi-housing facilities and our hope will be to reach out to all who are in that community in whatever way possible. This could mean starting a house church, mowing a lawn or helping someone fix up their house. As we live in the area we will assess the needs of our neighbors around us and do whatever we can to help meet those needs. We will use the building and the land to do neighborhood outreaches such as block-parties, concerts, bible studies, sports and VBS type activities. It will also be a place where we can provide low or no income housing for those whose path we might cross that we find to have housing needs as well as to provide daycare for parents who might not be able to afford daycare so that they can leave their kids at a safe place while they go to work. Our hope is to start small and learn the ropes of this type of ministry with the idea of carrying it out on a larger scale somewhere down the road.

We have been living at The Firehouse for about six years now and have been able to see Him working in so many different ways. We have been blessed to have more than 15 families or individuals come and live with us who were either homeless or close to that point. We have established relationships with many on the street, especially the kids who are at our house nearly every day. We have started a bible study/prayer group and have held neighborhood BBQ's. We have also encountered different struggles along the way that have helped us to learn and grown in many ways. The opportunity to be involved with ministry like this is an incredible honor. We pray that we will continue to be led fully by His Spirit and that many lives will be won to His Kingdom through our time here.