The Ministry

How frequently do you see a cross in daily life? You may notice a cross once a week or you might even see one everyday whether it is worn as jewelry, displayed on a church, or even on a car. Crosses are so abundant as decoration in our culture that we forget what the cross is all about.

The mission of Carry The Cross Ministries is to remind everyone(including us) of the price that Jesus paid when He died on the cross 2000 years ago, so that all will live for Him alone. In Hebrews 2:9 the writer reminds us that Jesus tasted of death for everyone. We forget what that means when we read, "He tasted of death for everyone." In Isaiah 53:5 we read how He was crushed, pierced, and scourged just for us. The cross was a tool used to inflict this brutal punishment on our Savior and to forget that is crazy. Many of us fail to appreciate what the cross actually means by forgetting. So we try to remind people of Jesus and His immaculate love for us.

We do this by going to the streets of the world to share the redemption found only in Jesus death on the cross with those who do not have it. We also love to pray for anyone we meet on the street about anything, whether they are Christian or not. We have seen God answer prayers for both the saved and those who are not saved. We believe in the power of prayer and would be foolish if prayer were not the foundation of our ministry. We don't desire to separate ourselves from others but instead we identify ourselves as members of the body of Christ to unite with other Christians in spreading the gospel. Finally, we encourage other Christians to be a light(Matthew 5:16) in everything they do. When Jesus was on earth, He was the Light of the world. Now that He is gone, it is up to us to shine brightly. We are the light of the world.

Currently, there are about ten people regularly involved in carrying the cross. We have people in Los Angeles, CA, Kansas City, Lawrence, KS, and in Malawi, Africa that carry the cross regularly. Sometimes we carry the cross down a busy street praying for people to see the cross and remember Jesus. Other times we go to busy public places and just stand with the cross, praying for the city and waiting for people to approach us so we can share Jesus with them and pray for them.